Europe to Kathmandu, Nepal for 218 euros. Interested?

     Can I interest you in a 218 euro (US$308) flight to Kathmandu from Europe? Of course I can! It’s the best time of the year to visit Nepal! That includes all taxes, and one way is more or less half the price of round trip on This is out of Belgrade, Serbia, of all places. Not great flight times either, but sometimes you have to suck it up if you want the best deals. I can’t imagine what possessed flydubai to make Belgrade their newest destination. Was there really demand? Someone in Serbia must have photos of the flydubai CEO in a compromising position.
     I flew in from India whereupon I had to adjust to the 15 minute time difference. 15 minutes! I am still suffering from jet lag…(“What time is it here? 11:30? You don’t understand, it is 11:15 where I flew in from! I need to rest!”)

     If you are flying into Nepal, I think it is a regulation that they spray the plane down with this aerosol. It isn't pleasant. I am already prepared that my first kid will have seven toes.

     But I am also here to see a doctor. India was killing me. I had been going through three shirts every night in a cold sweat. I put a towel on the ground next to my bed just so I could lean over and hack phlegm up instead of getting up every time to do so…that kind of thing.
     Two people in the know recommended the CIWEC clinic. I paid $55 to see a doctor and the second follow-up visit was free. Medicine was more than double what it should be because Indian medicine has the price printed on it, but maybe it is a price to pay to make sure it isn’t counterfeit(?)

     A swing! The simple pleasures in life.

     Monkey grooming below the monkey temple.

     Monkey temple eyes

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Europe to Kathmandu, Nepal for 218 euros. Interested? — 4 Comments

  1. Random! I’m in Nepal now, back in Kathmandu from the Everest BC trek. I’ll be here for at least a few more days, then headed off to greener places. Email me when you get back from Annapurna if you want to try to cross paths somewhere?

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