Los Angeles is one of the world’s greatest cities. No joke.

     Just back from a few days in LA, and it always confirms to me that it is one of the great cities of the modern world. However, I am no mood to defend that statement right now, no matter how much everyone disagrees. For now, here is a short culinary tour.
     I’m traveling soon. Big trip starting next month!

     The cafe at Fry's Electronics. I love stuff like this.

     Another view with Darth Vader. Some people simply digest their food better knowing life-size Darth Vaders are nearby. It's science.

     If anyone is reading this outside of the ten places in America where there are Fry’s, it is the epicenter of cheap electronics and computer parts. Check out the weekly sales ad here if you don’t believe me. The dollar is still pretty weak compared to most major currencies and if you are European, especially, you should run, not walk to Los Angeles to buy cheap stuff. Only problem is, you need to be right there on Thursday morning or whenever the sale begins to make sure that they have everything in stock. It’s one of those kinds of stores.

     An In-N-Out hamburger truck parked outside a bowling alley. Americans get very nervous if they aren't within 100 meters of hamburgers at all times.

     Detritus at Tommy's, famous for their gut-busting chili burgers. (Not a diet food.) Met up with an old college friend who was feeding his three-year-old son Tommy's chili for the first time. I was tempted to call Child Protective Services.

     Tommy, I love you, but I am happy if I see you only once a year.

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Los Angeles is one of the world’s greatest cities. No joke. — 4 Comments

  1. Not yet, and I blew it by not getting something while in LA. I am leaning towards another cheap one and then hoping I have more money near the end of the year, maybe going Macbook Air

  2. What!!! you were in LA and didnt let me take you out to dinner? I am very upset

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