Lazy days in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

     Seen in a health food store, this translates as ‘Wild Immediately’. Amazing graphic on the box, eh? Should I change my logo on the top of the page from my feet to this?

     It’s a thoroughly unenjoyable seven-hour ride from Oaxaca over the mountains south to Puerto Escondido. The views are great, but it’s impossible to enjoy them through tinted windows as you cross over your 5000th speed bump and the driver is careening around every corner at 3 Gs. The only thing worse would have been to do the journey at night, but if you want to save money on accommodation, that’s what you do as a backpacker.
     Puerto Escondido is nicer than I expected. I thought it would be like a poor man’s version of Puerto Vallarta or Cancun, but it has a charm that made me want to linger a few days longer, or it was the evening sea breezes that hypnotized me. Not many others felt the same way as I saw few other travelers, but it’s super-low season and very quiet. The best thing I did was swim and laze by the beautiful bay at nearby Playa Carrizalillo.

     Mexicans can’t always grasp ‘Kent’ so I use other names when they ask. Chicharito is a famous soccer player.

     Overlooking Playa Carrizalillo

     Playa Carrizalillo. Fantastic water temperature, too.

     The costa is not so hermosa for everybody.

     The main drag in Puerto Escondido. Double nonvehicle rolled!

Practical information:
     Simple but very true advice: if you have a choice, always go with an older bus driver over a young one.
     The Hostal Monte Cassino just above Playa Principal is 240 pesos for two or cheaper if you pay for a few days in advance. All the beautiful people stay there. I ate street food every day and almost every meal. By doing so, meals averaged about 25-30 pesos.

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Lazy days in Puerto Escondido, Mexico — 5 Comments

  1. I like the idea of going to a place with nothing going on! The beach looks fab too – lack of people on it is a bonus.

  2. I was there this past summer for 2 weeks, but my stay was marred by Hurricane Carlita which hit right in Puerto. So was without power for 3 days. We stayed in one of the houses overlooking Playa Carazilillo. It truly is a beautiful little laid back beach. The walk back up to the road is an exercise in itself. I loved relaxing on that beach with a few cold ones.
    Over all I liked Puerto.

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