My favorite signs in Istanbul, Turkey

     How about a quick photo collage for a change?

Dutch sign

     Sign of the month from an Istanbul restaurant: “Do you speak Dutch? I don’t.”


     Duuuuude! I sparked up my lighter in Istanbul airport, slowly swayed back and forth, and sang, “For I must be traveling on now, ’cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see…” before I was tackled by 15 police. (Maybe three people get that reference, but I’m OK with it.)

kokorec car

     Gala lamb intestines. Why hasn’t roasted lamb intestines sold out of the side of a van taken off in America yet? Why?

ciger restaurants

     Liver Palace alongside Liverland. It’s liver paradise in Istanbul!


     Probably not many guests from France here. “Berk” is slang for “yuck” in French.

kent hotel kadikoy

     I’ve seen three Kent Hotels in Istanbul so far. “Kent” means town in Turkish.

kent tekstil

     Kent textile with the world’s saddest tree out front.

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My favorite signs in Istanbul, Turkey — 6 Comments

  1. That tree looks so sorry for itself! You have a good eye for detail though. I never take notice of signs etc when in Istanbul. That is probably why I always get lost!

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