…and on my first day in China, I broke my tooth.

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     I was biting a piece of hard bread and this happened.

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     I know, I know, it isn’t the prettiest chunk of tooth. No pain for now, but as the Singaporeans say, “What to do?”

     I’ll write about the beautiful and rough journey from Osh, Kyrgyzstan to here in Kashgar, China after I figure out what to do about my tooth.
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…and on my first day in China, I broke my tooth. — 16 Comments

  1. Ouch! Hope you find a good dentist. Is that a real tooth? And, how hard was that bread???

  2. They have these awesome bagel-like sesame breads. I wasn’t even chowing down hard. I guess my tooth was rotting next to the filling from within. I don’t know.
    I hope I find a good dentist, too. Of course this happened on a Friday afternoon, too late to call the embassy to ask if they can recommend someone–though I don’t put much faith in that, anyway. Wish I was in Oz now…

  3. Dude, I was wondering if that message was a joke or not. Apparently no. Good luck with it! I know if a decent dental spot in Shenzhen, but I don’t imagine you’re willing to go that far looking?

  4. Ouch! Dental problems are literally my biggest fear in travelling. It’s bad enough here in the US, I imagine the best I will find out there to be on a par with Steve Martin’s office and tools in Little Shop of Horrors. The worst will probably be like the torture room in Hostel. The reality is probably much better, but hey, imaginary fears! 🙂

    Take care of it now if you can. Those problems tend to grow.

  5. That just means the rot hasn’t reached the nerve yet. It’s the tooth with the great big filling right? Was that a root canal at some point in the past?

    Leave it for too long and it’s at least a new crown if not a full extraction. I could point you to some truly horrifying dental pictures of how bad it could get, even without a lot of pain. Take care of it at your earliest. *shudder* 🙂

  6. I second Phil. Take care of it at your earliest chance. All I do is take care of people in the ER who wait to address their dental issues.

  7. But I bet it’ll be way cheaper than north America, let me know how you get on, I have a ton of dental work to be done!

  8. Kent…….condolences…..GET IT FIXED SOONER, NOT LATER…..before first rip to Italy years ago an Italian friend told me: “Italy is great as long as you don’t need reliable Internet or dental care”……my wife broke her tooth on almond before getting there and I needed to upload a large file for my job……both a nightmare……no difference today (where I am now) with dentists and only a hair better with Internet.

    My long term, familial, crippling arthritis was cured in China last year. This should give you hope about your tooth. Small cities could be problem but try to find the closest city with a research hospital. Just because it doesn’t hurt now means nothing….trust me I know something abut this topic from many years of good/bad teeth experience.

    Be sure to keep your readers updated on your progress.

  9. That’s funny, I broke my last tooth biting an almond–the day before I left for Japan!
    Congrats on getting the arthritis cured! That’s remarkable.
    On Monday I will start making some calls…

  10. Get it yanked out Kent, It’s a back molar, you can get by without one according to my dentist in Bangkok!

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