Lunch in the market

The staff here in this stall in the market prepare me this killer lunch below

This costs 4500 pesos, which is US$--I don’t know exactly, my head is spinning from the calculation in my head, and I know it has to be precise for all the people on the fence about coming to Colombia. 1925 pesos=US$1.00

Sam charges 10,000 pesos (about US$5.25) to do a load of laundry.   There are virtually no lavanderias in this town, oddly, so I do it through him.   Lots of people just go without.   Apparently there’s no shame in wearing the same clothes day after day.   I can fall in easily with the crowd, but I try not to.   I change my shirt every two hours so it never gets really dirty.   HA!

I am still amazed at how many people travel with laptops or netbooks.   Just about every hostel in the country has wi-fi, my colleagues tell me, and I suppose you have to offer it to get people to stay at your place these days.

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Lunch in the market — 3 Comments

  1. I wonder two things:
    1. how the hell can one, who is not eat that all?
    2. is there any variety in columbian food?

  2. It is too much to eat like this everyday–I should change the title. There is a lot of variety in Colombian foods, but not so much for these fixed lunches.

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