Six months away—and love is pork!

     Exactly six months ago today I left home and flew to Colombia. Feels like eons ago, which is what traveling usually does, prolongs time, but the money is dwindling and I don’t see myself lasting more than another month unless my modeling career takes off.
     Bought a used tennis racket yesterday and broke the strings today after half an hour.
     Let’s move on to some good news. Compliments of a friend of a friend, last night I ate at a $50 a head Nepali dinner in town. (For how long could a Nepali in Nepal eat with $50?) En route to the hotel where the event was, I saw this poster which is sweet affirmation because if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: love is pork!

     A guy sleeping uncomfortably in the parking lot of a 7-11 while the doors are open, bags are on the ground, and his friends are inside reading comic books. Japan's the best.

     Japan has no zoning regulations that I can see so you can build skinny buildings like this anywhere.

     Japan is not expensive, Exhibit B:
     5 bananas for 39 yen (83 yen = one dollar). The moment a banana gets some spots on it, they are heavily discounted.

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