The surprises and humor of Google Analytics

     It looks like it is going to happen. I plan to use 25,000 frequent flier miles to fly home on a one-way ticket. I realized I made a tactical mistake with my miles. I should have bought a ticket to the USA East Coast even though I presently don’t want to go east, but I won’t discuss the reasons because Google Analytics tells me that my frequent flier miles section is one of the least viewed pages on my website.
     It’s a shame more people don’t see the value in miles. I have a friend who flies to Europe from USA at least once every year on major airlines and I still can’t get her to take 90 seconds to sign up for any frequent flier program even though she would have had at least one free Europe ticket by now. What can I do?
     Google Analytics also tells me that someone found my website by doing a search of “toilets in azerbaijan” which made me proud beyond words. In fact, I had to compose myself because no one likes to see a grown man cry in public. Someone also found my website by searching “woman excreting in toilet photo”. Is all traffic positive traffic?

     The Finger, Day 7. What can be said about this photo other than, “Where did the middle stitches go?”

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The surprises and humor of Google Analytics — 1 Comment

  1. I wrote a post about using squat toilets knowing that a lot of women who aren’t used to them fear them. It was popular with readers when I posted it, but as time goes by, it’s even more popular with the unsavory people of the interwebs. Sometimes I can’t believe the search terms that lead to that article!

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