A Syrian joke

     President Assad’s daughter goes into a fancy store in Beverly Hills and the staff look at her and say, “You can’t shop here; you have no money.”
     Assad’s daughter says, “I have money! I can shop here!”
     They ask, “What is your job?”
     She says, “I don’t have a job.”
     They ask, “What is your father’s job?”
     She says, “My father owns 21 million (the population of Syria) cows”.
     They say, “We don’t believe you. How can your father feed 21 million cows?"
     She says, “He doesn’t feed them. He just takes their milk.”

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A Syrian joke — 2 Comments

  1. I haven’t heard this one before. I might have to steal it to replace my old favourite Syrian joke as it’s now a bit dated…
    Presidential Aide: President Assad, President Assad, I have great news. You won 99.7% of the vote – what more can you want?
    Assad: The names of the .3% who didn’t vote for me.

    Of course, this is a joke about Assad the Father. Have you noticed how Syrians do this when they’re talking in English? You have Assad the Father and Assad the Son. I’ve never liked to ask the whereabouts of Assad the Holy Ghost…

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