Things you wouldn’t expect to find in France

     “My tailor is rich”, huh? Is this the kind of sentence that French businessmen are hot to know in English? I can imagine them calling every school in the book and asking if they teach important phrases such as “Can I eat escargots off your unshaven body?” or “Call immigration and let them know about the butler” or “This vichysoisse is too salty. Release the hounds.”

     This sign is great. “Have some prudence! There are 1000 school kids here!” as if a thousand was the minimum number of children where someone should drive safely.
     If there were only 500 kids? “Go ahead and drive recklessly, we’ll look the other way, and if you mow down a few, no biggie.”

     Lady, if you wanted a great job done on your plumbing, you really shouldn't have called Adequat to do the work.

     On my website (did you know I have a website? I really should promote it, shouldn’t I?) I talk about backpacks and packing and I rave about Decathlon, a sports/outdoor department store based in France but located in many countries. I spent an hour and a half of precious Parisian time in one with no regrets. It might be the greatest store in the history of commerce. Behold below, Exhibit A, my new hiking shoes: comfortable even in my fat feet and a bargain at 14 euros, about $19. I practice what I preach on my website!

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