A smattering of Kyrgyz food and drink

     A quick word: As the Mormons might say, these are the latter days of my stay in Kyrgyzstan. My plan is to go to Sary Tash tomorrow near the Kyrgyz/Chinese border. (“Sary Tash” is an ancient Silk Road town meaning “without internet”) and then try and go for Kashgar, China the next day. Facebook and Twitter are banned in China, I am told, plus Gmail doesn’t always work. In fact, on my last visit seven years ago, I discovered my own website, kentfoster.com was blocked. What I am saying is that I don’t know how much I will be able to write while I am there. If you have any China travel suggestions for me, please let me know. All I have imagined is to stay about 10 days in the Kashgar and Urumqi areas and then I have 20 more days for the rest of the country. (I know, I know…)

duck shashlik

     Duck shashlik, 130 som ($2.60) each skewer


     Kuyrdak, a meat and potato dish, 120 som ($2.40)

makiko sushi

     Not Kyrgyz food. Homemade sushi from Makiko. Tasted much better than this bland photo.

kyrgyz stew

     Kyrgyz stew. Good stuff, but I think that dill overpowers everything.

Kyrgyz beef jerky

     Kyrgyz jerky! 80 som ($1.60) Delicious, and very hard to find.

Kyrgyz beef jerky

     Non-greasy beef!


     Hey bartender! Another greasy fermented drink for all my friends!

supermarket vodka

     Vodka display in a small supermarket

obama bar and grill

     Obama bar and grill, Bishkek

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A smattering of Kyrgyz food and drink — 3 Comments

  1. That may actually be one of the best looking pictures of Kuurdak I’ve seen. I need to head back there and have it again so I can do a photo shoot on the place.

  2. how was the obama bar? also, do you have any recommendations for good vegetarian manti?

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