Every yen counts at the Tokyo Narita Airport Hostel

     First things first. This is the greatest music video ever, which just happens to be Japanese. Note the three seconds from 1:19-1:22. So good. If you can’t see it below, the link is here. The first and last thirty seconds are filler from a TV show. Don’t let it bother you.

     Second things second. If you want (yet another) free business idea from The Dromomaniac, open a hostel as near an airport as possible. Everyone can name at least five airports off the top of their heads situated far from the city center where they are desperately needed: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Denver, Paris-Beauvais, Istanbul-Sabiha Gokcen, Jakarta, Buenos Aires, New Delhi, Washington-Dulles, etc., etc.—it’s a long list. Tokyo’s Narita Airport, which feels halfway to Bolivia, was one such a place, but now there’s this:

narita airport hostel

     Yes, this is the Tokyo Narita Airport Hostel. Look at it. If this can be a successful hostel, anywhere can be. The vending machine is key additional revenue.

     The business plan is to keep it simple. All you need are the basics: a semi-clean place, a free shuttle, and hopefully near some food, which this isn’t—plus almighty wifi, of course. It’s not even that close to the airport at 8km (5 miles) away.
     The downsides are the heavy driving—the owner says he drives to the airport about five times a day—and you’d have to get used to everyone staying just one night.
narita airport hostel room

     There are two rooms like this, $20 a night for a futon, which is cheap for Japan. It’s not as depressing as it looks. I mentioned the free wifi, right?

     If you insist on going through a booking engine to make your reservation, you can use this if you like, or you contact the owner, Mr. Yama, directly:
     Calling from overseas to this cell: +81-80-3020-2746 (if calling from inside Japan 080-3020-2746)
     Calling from overseas to this home: +81-479-772-732 (if calling from inside Japan 0479-772-732)
     Email is enya51@hotmail.com and this is the map.
     It’ll be about $2 less if you deal directly with Yama-san. What’s the big deal about saving $2? That’s 200 yen. THAT’S TWO PLATES OF SUSHI! THAT’S FOUR PIECES OF SUSHI!!!
conveyor belt sushi restaurant

     A busy 100 yen “kaiten zushi” (conveyor belt sushi) place. Even if the sushi isn’t great, the atmosphere is very fun. Ueda, Nagano-ken

90 yen sushi

     100 yen sushi places aren’t uncommon. Even 90 yen sushi can be had. That’s why I was shaking and the photo came out blurry.

sushi set

     All this was 400 yen ($4)

sushi restaurant in Japan

     I can’t figure out what they sell here. I need a bigger font!

Practical Information
     I hitchhiked, but, otherwise, the cheapest way to go from the airport to town is the Keisei Limited Express train that costs 1000 yen ($10). Don’t be swayed by the more expensive and luxurious Skyliners and fast direct trains when the good old Keisei train gets you there not much slower.

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Every yen counts at the Tokyo Narita Airport Hostel — 11 Comments

  1. Maki doesn’t understand why you think this is the greatest music video ever. I find myself inclined to agree with her for just as long as she can see what I’m typing.

  2. Caleb, I don’t know how famous they are in Japan, actually. It’s hard to gauge these things.
    Stephen, I will try and explain to Maki someday why it’s a tour de force

  3. Pretty young women in short-skirted school uniforms (we can probably stop there) fake singing while fake guitar playing in fake rain? Provocative? Let me think about that for a sec…

  4. Anyways,AFAIK there couple of hotels nearby Narita,rooms cost maybe 50 bux.Many people dont stay for more then a day or two,I doubt they would go out their way just to save 30 bux.I could be wrong

  5. Well,you are full of sweat,tired,it s night,(Narita airport isnt fun at nite)
    cant wait to cuddle the white sheet of your bed,what u gonna do?
    Wonder around 8km or whatever to sleep at crappy hostel above,full of bedbugs probably,or you will just take a nearest free shuttle to the nearest hotel?
    Many low cost,cheap backpackers like dont fly in to Narita anyway.
    Like I said i could be wrong but most if not many people wudnt bother with all this.
    And most of them dont stay in Narita for more then a day.If not for airport Narita would be unheard of ghost town.
    Best regards for you!

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