Ten photos from Hong Kong lacking any deep meaning

McDonald's tray

     “Images are for reference only.” I think this was from a McDonald’s tray. Coincidentally, it’s also what my mail order bride said when I first met her.

tired panda

     Quick quiz question: according to the government-run China Daily newspaper, what is the only country in the world that has pandas that China doesn’t own? (China rents out their pandas to zoos around the world but retains ownership, except in the case of this one country.) Answer at the bottom.

asses glue

     I can’t explain everything I see. Sometimes I can’t explain anything I see.

very good seafood restaurant

     If you had a place called “VERY GOOD WIFI RESTAURANT” there would be a line out the door.

sai kung seafood

     Very fresh seafood in Sai Kung

cough manners

     Cough manners indeed. There are anti-spitting signs, too, which point out a big difference between Hong Kongers and mainlanders. In Hong Kong people get fined for spitting. In China they are feted.


     Filling that neglected niche for underqualified pharmacists.

hong kong police
do not scream
bonsai orange tree

     Miniature orange tree

     When searching for cheap flights on the likes of Momondo and Kayak, the problem is the unfamiliar website they send you—aside from the fact that they don’t always have English versions of their websites—is that they can try and charge you an extra 15%(!!) of the ticket cost just to use your credit card.
     Another trick is when you buy a ticket in euros, say, and then at the end they “helpfully” ask if you want the amount charged in dollars to your credit card. It is always much more than if you let the credit card make the conversion itself.
     Anything that makes you opt out rather than opt in is also scumbag sneaky, meaning that the website will automatically add something like insurance or a reserved seat fee to your flight unless you click a box wanting out, and sometimes it isn’t as easy as clicking a box to get out—yes, I’m talking to you, AirAsia.
     The answer to the panda quiz? Mexico!

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Ten photos from Hong Kong lacking any deep meaning — 3 Comments

  1. Funny as always 😉
    When it comes to currency conversion when buying tickets, sometimes it’s better to let the website convert it. For example air Asia’s rate is way better than Wells Fargo’s criminal rates. Just an example. That is surely not always the case.

  2. wow,i didnt know Mexico breeds its own pandas.
    btw,photos are hilarious.

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